About Me

Hi!  Welcome to my blog about living with and continuously calibrating my approach to effectively manage my Crohn’s disease.  I was diagnosed with Crohn’s in May of 2001 and, in addition to the GI issues that come with Crohn’s, I also have arthritis-like joint swelling (which I will discuss in a separate post).

Crohn’s can sometimes play a very big part in my life, but I am lucky to have some great distractions as the mother of 2 wonderful kids – daughter,10 and son, 8.  I also consider myself lucky to be married to a man who is very supportive while I try many different therapies, prescription drugs, remedies and diets to help me figure out what works for me.  Additionally, we have 2 Labradors (Chena and Taku), 1 fish (King Little Bob Jr. First of His Name -Bob for short) and 2 gerbils (Mike & Ike) to keep me busy and active.

Thank you for visiting my blog!  I hope you find some interesting information that just might work for you or someone you know with an autoimmune issue.