Guest Post: CBD Oil

Guest Post: CBD Oil

This week, I’ve asked Karen Buck to help me get information out about CBD oil and how she uses it to help with her Crohn’s disease.  I recently started using CBD oil but am still a newby to CBD and wanted to get another perspective on it to share.  Karen sells CBD oil through a company called Hempworx.  -Colleen

CBD Oil for Crohn’s disease

Hi, my name is Karen and I’m writing to share some information about CBD oil. I started taking it for Crohn’s and arthritis due to Crohn’s.  My experience has been fabulous.  I was unable to walk some days due to my arthritis and joint pain and now I’m almost pain-free.  My stomach pain and constant bloating are greatly improved now, too.  I’m amazed at how great I feel.  I will always have Crohn’s but this is such a good feeling to be living my life again.

CBD Oil Helps Many People Struggling with a Chronic Illness

CBD oil is amazing for so many people in pain, struggling with disease, anxiety or mood disorders, skin issues and so much more.  CBD oil is taken sublingually, which is under the tongue, for best absorption.  People have also used it topically on acne, burns, joint pain, even chapped lips.  CBD oil is safe and effective for the whole family.  It is used to help children with ADHD, autism, and seizure disorders.  Pets can also benefit from CBD.  I personally give it to my dog for his reoccurring ear infections.  The infections are now gone.  My friend uses it with rescue horses that have horrible pain and she has noticed a remarkable improvement.  CBD oil is really changing people’s lives.  It’s giving them an all natural, organic, non-GMO way to help with pain.  Many are getting off dangerous medications as well.  I personally have stopped taking my Puraxin.  I am not a doctor so I can not make claims of CBD curing people and I will never condone getting off medication without consulting your Doctor.  We are really just scratching the surface of what CBD can do.


What I use is CBD Hemp which is extracted in the male hemp stalk.  It is completely different than extracting it from the female cannabis plant that has THC.  Some companies claim to have higher CBD % but that is not the case because they extracted it from the female plant and infused it in the Hemp male oil.  The Hempworx extraction method is superior because it is the entire male plant within re-introduction, therefore getting CBD, CBC and CBG; all of which makes it stand out from the rest.  We also use a CO2 extraction which is the cleanest and most effective method.

Does CBD oil contain THC?

Hempworx only uses .03% THC in our product so you will not feel high.  In fact, CBD is legal in all 50 states, Canada, the U.K., and many more countries.  People often ask if they will pass a drug test taking it.  Yes!!! The tiny amount of THC will not show on a test.  In fact, we have the lowest ratio in industry standards.  The allowed amount is .3%.

Carrier Oils

Additionally, something to look for when purchasing CBD is the carrier oil, and how much is used. We (Hempworx) use hemp seed oil as our carrier. Others may use olive oil or coconut oil.  An extra amount of carrier oil will not hurt you, but some companies use so much that you may not feel as much in terms of health benefits and results.


I have a Facebook group loaded with information and real testimonies from people taking CBD oil.  Please check it out; you are welcome to invite people you think might benefit from the group.

How to Buy CBD oil from Hempworx

I loved my results with CBD oil so much, I joined the company!  I work with Hempworx brand CBD so the testimonies on my page are all users of Hempworx brand.  I’m happy to help with dosing, questions, research and anything related to CBD oil.  You can private message me through my group page above.  Thank you for reading and I urge you all to give it a try. With Hempworx we have a 30-day empty bottle money back guarantee. Here is the link to purchase:

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